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Our children’s dance project Adrenalindance holds a term time program of dance classes.We have been moving with children since 2001.

Everyone can dance and it makes you feel good .Our emphasis is on having a go and enjoying dancing.


Breaking 1

 4:15 -5:00pm

Ages  5yrs +

Breakin’ ( break-dance; b boying/bgirl )Is a hip hop dance style originating in the mid 70’s in the Bronx.

Breakin’  has a particular set of skills teaching coordination and flexibility ,encouraging dancers individual expression. Dancers learn to improvise with their skill and creativity in battles, showcases and jams.   

Our beginners class starts at age 5 and teaches young dancers safe practice introducing them to this dynamic culture.


Breaking 2

 5:00  – 6:00  pm

Experienced 7 yrs +

Joining this more experienced class is by permission from our teacher. Learn

toprock, get downs, footwork and power moves.

Dancers in this class must have an understanding of safe practice and have some experience in breaking.


Adrenalin Crew 

6:15-7:15 pm

This is a weekly session for gifted and talented breakers up to 16 yrs. Dancers prepare for battles, showcases and youth platforms . The crew is led by  @AJ47 soulmeezy


Hip Bop 

 4:15-5:00 pm

Ages 4-6 yrs


A playful funky class for young children. This fun session introduces musicality, listening and coordination. Young children experience dancing in a class format moving with imagination and instruction. We advise all children new to dance to start here.


Contemporary Dance 

5:00-6:00 pm 

Ages 7 years  +

Our theatrical dance class is influenced by a wide range of dance styles.  We encourage students creative expression, with a Modern dance foundation informed by Cunningham, Graham and Release technique’s .We refer to urban dance practices like street dance and hip hop.

Early Years 

Ages 2 +

Classes are between 30 and 45 min

We teach a creative movement class for children from 2 + in external early years settings. Our first class explores rhythm, movement and music using hand drumming and prerecorded music. We use creative play to explore simple dance ideas.

  An eclectic mix of dance and music styles are referred to like ballet, contemporary and breaking. Carers are encouraged to join in modelling movement and music responses. 

Class Manners 

  • We welcome newcomers in the first two weeks of term, where it is possible to do a trial class for £4:00. After a trial class, fees are payable termly.
  • For returning students,term fees payable are on first day of term .
  •  Autumn term is 7 weeks 31 October – 13 December  2017.
  • We offer a 15% sibling or multi-class discount.
  • We do not permit parents watching classes as this can inhibit some children and undermine the teachers trust and authority.
  • We hold two showings a year, one at winter and summer, where our dancers perform.
  • Ages on classes are suggestions and we are on hand to discuss your child’s suitability.
  • Always bring a small bottle of water to class.


  • Classes are at The Old School Rooms, 2 Powerscroft rd London e5 .
  • Our nearest station is Hackney central on the overground.
  • 07487323188

Teachers 2017

Our fantastic teachers are practicing dance artists ,who are passionate about teaching children and have considerable experience in doing so.

AJ Jackson

AJ is an original & senior member of the UK’s most successful Bboy crew Soul Mavericks. Competing nationally & internationally since 2005, AJ has a collection of titles both solo and crew victories. A student of the dance style breakdance for over 13 years AJ loves to bring his years of experience to the young and curious in a fun & engaging way with transferable life skills
.If you’d like to learn even more, AJ has his own newly opened YouTube Channel where you can learn new skills faster! ‘AJ-47 Soul Mavericks’

James Rosenthal

James is a versatile dance artist originally from the North West of England. Since completing his professional training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. James has been heavily involved and engaged in a range of productions from dance, theatre through to opera as well as teaching and choreographing throughout the UK and Europe.


Chi-Lin Nim

is a versatile dance artist teaching Contemporary, Krump and Street dance styles .Chi Lin trained with East London Dance Youth Company and now  teaches dance all over London.Her favourite time dancing is when she is choreographing routines with her friends. She shares her time acting and project managing The Silent Witness – a project redefining domestic abuse (

 Andrew Coombs

Andrew is a theatre artist and dance director working with children. Andrew has worked with young children for the last 17  years in a wide range of contexts and situations like museums,parks, councils, schools, health providers,churches, theatres and entertainment providers. Andrew enjoys working across theatrical disciplines from movement to costume.

Andrew teaches early years and Romp and Roll and is passionate about dance as a social, healthy and creative activity.