Romp and Roll dance

Romp and Roll is a 45 minute fun drop in dance session for children ( aged 2-4 ) and their carers .
The session is a playful opportunity for adults and children to be together and really move to great music.

The session follows a soft learning approach to dance, initiating the learning of rhythm, coordination and listening .

Everybody takes their socks off and joins in. Be prepared to roll on the floor, be a mouse and roar like a lion .Romp and Roll was born in Hackney 9 years ago .

What to expect : 

Attendance varies due to its drop in nature.

Moving a lot .

Being on the floor, rolling sitting , lying (see what to wear )

A good mix of mums ,dads , grandparents and carers

Physical contact including lifting between child and carer features strongly .

An eclectic mix of music from Bee Gees to Lethal Bizzie via Marc Bolan .

A parachute finale.

What to wear :
Soft,comfortable movement clothes, layers .
Leggings, trs, or track pants.
All fancy dress positively encouraged .
Bare feet, no tights .